Why No “Exterminate Centipede” Scenario Is A Good One

No “exterminate centipede” course of action you can take will really free you and your family from danger. The centipedes will come back, and your house will be chock-full of poison. Not to mention, it can be very, very expensive.

I mean, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that an “exterminate centipede” mindset will only result in a lose-lose-lose situation… for everyone but the centipedes. Just like California’s governor, they will be back!

This is why it is so important to drop the exterminate centipede approach and really focus on what will work now and forever. Don’t fool yourself; this will take a bit of work. But once you set your home up the right way, your centipede problem (and virtually ALL of your critter problems) will be a thing of the past.

No more fear of night-time bug bites or those near heart attacks that result from mistakenly coming face-to-face with one of these little alien-looking creepy crawlies.

Extermination of House Centipedes – Final Note

House centipedes are not the world’s most dangerous creatures, but they do come with one Hell of a spook factor. The reality is that they can bite you, your pets, your kids… and even though it wouldn’t be a lethal bite, who the heck wants to get bitten?

While the extermination of house centipedes could remove this threat for a while, the negatives involved with the process of centipede extermination certainly outweigh any short-term positives.

Poison is just that – poison. It’s not much better for you or your children than it is for the centipedes or other creatures it’s designed to exterminate. If a safer alternative to the poisonous extermination of house centipedes exists, wouldn’t you much prefer to go that route?

I know I sure would – and I did. My family has been free of centipedes and virtually all other unwanted bugs for the past 10 months. We were able to achieve this without extermination of any kind. No mass death transpired to allow us to enjoy a centipede-free home.