Kill House Centipedes

Kill House Centipedes? Does this Really Work?

Of course, killing house centipedes may seem like a valid, common sense option at the moment you’re doing it, but do you realize that these things reproduce like freakin’ crazy (you don’t even wanna know where they lay their eggs!) and that killing them one by one with a shoe, rolled up newspaper, or flyswatter is just about as ineffective as fighting a fleet of battle ships with a slingshot?

“Violence” simply will not work in this case. You can’t kill house centipedes away for good. It’s simply impossible. It is absolutely essential that you have a solid game plan. A real-world plan of attack that will make your house over in such a way that ALL your resident centipedes WANT to leave the premises immediately!

I can tell you a small bit of what this entails. Centipedes love moisture. If you focus on drying out and cleaning up the damp, dank areas of your home (e.g. the basement, washer & dryer area, bathroom floor, under the sinks, etc.) you will have definitely taken the first important step to forcing them out.

You can’t kill house centipedes away, but you can certainly cut them off from all the stuff that keeps them coming around!

Unfortunately, I am unable to share with you all the specific details of what is included in this new guide that worked so well for me and my family, due to copyright laws and such. Besides, it’s a LOT of information, and I want to keep this website relatively small and to the point.

It’s an affordable guide, though, so I can recommend it to you first-hand, as it has been of priceless value to us for the peace, serenity, safety, and freedom from fear we’ve all enjoyed as a result of buying it and putting it into practice.

Do House Centipedes Bite?

If you’re worried about being eaten alive or dying from house centipede bites, you can put your fears to bed, as this is extremely unlikely to happen.

However, and speaking of bed, most people who are bitten by house centipedes are bitten in their sleep, as house centipedes are not afraid to make their way into your bed. Creepy thought, right?

So the answer to the question “Do house centipedes bite?” is they they most certainly can, but the risks aren’t all too high and the consequences are hardly severe. It’s more of a “creep out” factor than anything.

It worked for me though. I was constantly scared of finding one or more of those nasty things in bed with me and my wife… and Heaven forbid, little Cadence. Scary, indeed.