How To Get Rid Of House Centipedes

House centipedes are perhaps one of the nastiest-looking bugs that you will find crawling inside your house. Well, that is if you are like most of us who cringe at the thought of any creepy-crawly and ugly bug making itself at home inside your home.

While some people view the presence of a house centipede inside your house as a good thing, I will have to disagree. Let me explain.

It is true that these species of centipedes are considered harmless to humans because they are only after other pests or bugs that call your home their home like cockroaches, spiders, silverfishes, etc. They feed on other insects and other arthropods like themselves so, in a sense, they can be considered as a welcome help in our pest control efforts.

However, the fact that they are present in your home indicates that there is something wrong and that if you are like me who isn’t a tolerant housemate to these critters, you will need to find ways on how to get rid of house centipedes.

There are ways to do it but effectively getting rid of house centipedes should entail a deep understanding of why they are there in the first place. Yes, you could call in the services of pest exterminators and have them spray and apply chemical stuff on your home but if you do not deal with the underlying reasons why pests are attracted to your home then you will spend a lot of money on a solution that will most probably provide only short term benefits.

Below are the existing options that you have in getting rid of any centipede infestation:

The squishing solution – killing them on sight is one of the most popular methods of getting it done but it is definitely not something that will permanently solve the problem. If you choose this method, then be prepared for an unending squishing battle against them nasty bugs. A kinder solution of capturing them and releasing them outside may appeal to don’t like killing bugs but just the same, the problem will most likely not go away.

The chemical solution – a little online search will suggest that your options include the use of chemical pesticides like boric acid which some people suggest is not that effective. Chemical sprays intended for insects or specifically for these species of centipedes are also an option but these may not be suitable for homes that have resident kids and pets.

The sticky solution – another proposed solution is a familiar solution which involves the use of sticky traps that you can put on floor corners. They will capture not only your friendly house centipedes but other insects and bugs as well which sits well with many folks. However, like the two suggestions above this is only a temporary fix which will most likely not stop future infestation.

The clever solution – this one will not involve a quick fix like the suggestions above as it will entail some understanding on why house centipedes prefer to live with you in your home in the first place. It will entail a strategy that involves a multi-faceted yet simple approach to making your home free of any kind of house pests. Simple measures like finding and blocking off their entry points into your home will be more effective and will probably provide a more long lasting relief compared to the three previous solutions. This strategy of how to get rid of house centipedes is provided in a little bit more detail in this review of Jill Haskin’s House Centipede Control Guide.