How to Get Rid of Fleas

Fleas are nasty pests that you will possibly find everywhere you lay your hands on and therefore knowing how to kill fleas is important to dispel them from the corners of your household. However, human beings or animals are the most common targets where the adult fleas feed on the fresh blood and the younger ones generally feed on the defecated blood by the adults.

Where To Find And How To Kill Fleas?

Scientifically explained, fleas live on their host and leave the eggs in the host’s bedding. The eggs hatch in one to two weeks and the fleas emerge as the larvae that go to live on for almost 200 days, before they turn into legless pupae. If the environmental conditions are favorable, then the pupae transforms into adults. Fleas are found everywhere like the upholstered furniture, carpet, corners, doors, cracked areas in floors and walls, on people and also on pets.

Knowing The Technique Of How To Kill Fleas

Vacuuming is the right way to start. Animals are the very common target of fleas as they tend to take rest under sofas, tables, chairs, under cushions near doors and windows. Hence, get your vacuum cleaners to all those hidden areas. Remember to dispose the cleaner bag after vacuuming, since that can affect the clean environment.

After vacuuming, treat the surfaces with Ultracide to kill adult fleas and leave an IGR (insect growth regulator) that will bring an abrupt stop to the flea’s life cycle. A more organic approach will be the RX for fleas. Fogging the inside areas is another process to kill the fleas. But do not depend solely on foggers for killing the fleas, since that may not help you be successful in your mission. You will need at least 3 foggers for the average coverage of your home.

Remember that fleas love to live in cool shaded areas like close to moisture, near to shrubs, under trees, bare areas of the ground and similar cool areas. Hence target those areas. Your dog and cat are the most important part of the battle since they are mostly covered by fleas. Therefore, make sure that you spray Petcor on you dogs and cats. So keeping them clean is the main part of your task.

Forget those unreliable miracles over the counters like flea collars, flea traps, foggers and much more. Some of the insecticidal soaps available in the pet stores contain 0.01% pyrethrin, which are used on pets, rugs and floors and other places where you will find the flea larvae. The products are useful in killing the fleas by rupturing their skins absorbing oil and moisture. The process ultimately causes dehydration and death of the fleas. Hence, if you know how to kill fleas then it becomes easier for you to destroy them. The citrus oil extracts like d-limonene and linalool kill fleas of all stages and therefore you can say that they are expert in the annihilation of the pestering insects. The best thing is that these products can be applied directly to pets or animal bedding.

Many housewives prefer to use Borates, specifically sodium polyborate that issued in controlling flea larvae. This is available in a powdered form which is used on the carpet and then thoroughly vacuumed. This enables a tricky way of knowing how to kill fleas. Some veterinarians may suggest you sodium polyborate formulations for wiping the fleas. The best news is that many pest companies provide this service. Hence, there are a number of ways in controlling the population of fleas in your home. Know the right method and get rid of them very soon.