How to Exterminate Centipedes Fast

How to Exterminate Centipedes Fast – Or Not!

Does exterminating house centipedes really work? In theory, yes. You can literally wipe out an entire congregation of these disgusting little suckers with half a day’s spraying of lethal poison. And at first glance it would seem that to exterminate house centipedes is to solve your problem once and for all.

But is it really?

What caused your house centipedes to move in with you in the first place? Was it simply a lack of poison? Hardly. There are trillions of places in this world that are poison-free. But these multi-legged critters didn’t pick those places… they chose YOUR house!

So what was it that made them feel welcome in the first place? Before you go getting all John Wayne on those centipedes, you may want to consider what really attracted them to your residence to begin with. This can save you a whole lot of money and future frustration… because even if you exterminate house centipedes today, they’ll be back before you know it, unless…

House Centipede Extermination – You Need More!

Centipede extermination is hardly a viable, long-term solution to your creepy centipede problem. If you do choose to go the centipede extermination route, however, it is of the absolute essence that you make some changes to your home to keep them from returning in a few weeks.

Firstly, you need to control the dampness and dankness of key areas of your home. These areas include the basement, bathroom(s), washer & dryer areas, garage, kitchen, and other “hot spots” for centipede infestation.

Secondly, you need to understand what house centipedes feed on. Their diet consists mainly of insects, spiders, and larva. This means you will need to eliminate these creatures from your home, as well.

There is a powerful guide that helped my family and me get rid of both our centipede infestation and our insect and spider problem… all without ever using centipede extermination at all! The guide costs about 20 bucks, and is well worth every penny, over and over again!