House Centipedes – YUCK

Tell me these things aren’t absolutely out-of-control creepy! House centipedes are absolutely vile, and even looking at the photo above makes me want to jump into my bed and bundle up tightly in my blankets… and I’m a 34 year old man!

House centipedes are weird, hairy, fast, wicked, and look like they’ve arrived in our homes straight from Hell! Without a doubt, house centipedes are among the most atrocious and unwanted creatures a person could possibly have in their house.

And my argument to anyone who says these nasty things are beneficial because they kill spiders and other unwanted creepy crawlies is that I wouldn’t let a murderer live in my house just because they’d kill an armed robber. I would just as soon avoid both. Obviously, this is an exaggerated point, but I’m sure you get the idea.

This website will help you not only understand some of the habits and nasty tendencies these wretched little monsters possess, but will also lead you in the right direction to follow a surefire way of getting house centipedes out of your home once and for all, allowing you to reclaim your living space and protect both yourself and your family.

Get Rid of House Centipedes? But How?

The unfortunate fact is that house centipedes are not only some of the most vile creatures you will ever have the displeasure of encountering in your own home, but they are incredibly – and I mean incredibly – difficult to get rid of.

Even hiring an exterminator or using poisons all over your house are not guaranteed to get rid of house centipedes and prevent them from returning to your living space. I personally couldn’t bring myself to turn my home into a poisonous death trap, anyway.

Firstly, this option was far too expensive, even despite our desperation. But even more important was that our son, Cadence, was only a little over a year old at the time and was incredibly curious, exploring every nook and cranny of our home at all times. Obviously, we couldn’t have him coming in contact with hazardous chemicals.

The tough part was that we didn’t want him coming in contact with trecherous house centipedes either! So what the heck were we supposed to do? To make a long story short, we were actually fortunate enough to receive some life-changing advice (we paid for it, but it was worth every penny) that made sense every step of the way.

It really got into the behavior patterns of these creatures and taught us exactly what we needed to know to make them feel totally unwelcome in our presence. I am happy to declare that our long-standing house centipede problem, as a result of the information we purchased, was solved very quickly and has not returned for over 10 months now.

Cadence roams freely about the house, and we’ve got absolute peace of mind.