House Centipedes Bites

Do House Centipedes Bite? We all know that spiders have a lethal bite depending on the species. We also know that Bees bite or sting to be exact and they can deliver it in an immensely painful manner. What about centipedes? We know for a fact that they are equipped with some nasty fangs but they mostly use it to hunt prey. Do House Centipedes really bite as most people claim?

It is possible for house centipedes to bite human beings but the bite is more often in the form of retaliation rather than aggression. House centipedes are very small and stealthy insects. It is very hard to notice them especially in the surrounding of the house. They can sneak inside your socks, under your pillow case, or even in your shirt without you noticing it. Most bites occur in an unintentional manner where your “not noticing them” gives House centipedes all the evolutionary reason to bite you. The most common bite is during night time where people accidentally roll over the small creature and end up being bitten. Others have also stepped on it while putting on their boots, while others had it in their laundry. The clear fact of the matter is, they bight out of retaliation much like when you accidentally squashed an insect with your body.

The symptoms of a house Centipede bite are important to recognize. They are also easy to recognize, if you know what to look for. Before I tell you how to recognize the symptoms of a centipede bite, I’d like to clear up a simple misconception. Centipede’s bites don’t really hurt; in fact most Centipedes would be unable to bite through your skin. Centipedes back ends, however, has a stinger. This stinger injects venom into its prey, or whatever it stings. The symptoms are usually mild, but their have been cases where they could be dangerous. These are rare, and you can rest assured house Centipedes won’t pose a threat to your health.

Most of the time it hurts far less than a bee sting, and if it hurts too much it is helpful to take an aspirin or two. There might be two raised bumps, surrounded by very red irritated skin. Their might also be some swelling. If there is swelling, apply a cold pack to reduce. If there is only pain, a heat pack would better suffice. If the Centipede bite is itching, apply an anti-itch cream like Hydrocortisone. Wash the area with soap and water, you don’t want any infection. Just to be on the safe side let me re-iterate, most house Centipede stings probably won’t be felt by you. However, if you wake up with any of the symptoms of a house Centipede bite that I’ve described above and you know there are house Centipedes around, you should take care of yourself. Also remember if you’re ever unsure of where the bite came from, it is better to seek medical attention from a doctor.

Though most House Centipede bites are harmless and painless, being cautious is always a good attitude to have with. Being too complacent might end you regretting in the end. A possible allergic attack on the centipedes bite or an extra sensitive skin might prove dangerous to you. Besides is never a fun thing to be bitten by an insect whatever it might be.