House Centipede Facts

The house centipede like to live in a damp environment. The house centipede is from the arthropod family and have about 15 pairs of long legs.

House centipede

These little animals are about 1 1/2 inches long, the problem is that for each one you spot there are a few dozens around you never see. They like homes because each home has wet environments. The cellar, bathrooms, behind kitchen walls or toilets are all places they like and can be often found. Most people notice them when they see them trapped in the bath or their sink.

House Centipede-Scutigera Coleoptrata

Centipedes lay between 70 and 150 eggs after they are 3 years old. This is a lot and getting rid of one is not going to solve your problem. They mainly hunt insects who often like moist too. So if you have other bugs in your home you have a paradise for the little centipede. They live 5 years on average depending on the environment and food supplies. Newborns have 4 pairs of legs and after molting’s they increase the number of legs.

Five Amazing Things You Need To Know About House centipedes


Centipedes like water. In fact they like it and need it more than other bugs, so if you have centipedes in your home that means there is at least one spot in the house where they are getting access to moisture.


Centipedes leave eggs in your house. They leave between 60 and 120 of them per centipede; this means that killing just the centipede you see will have a limited affect on them.


In the wild centipedes live in moist areas, like long grass, rotting wood and under rocks. If you have these in your yard, or worse, right up next to the house, then it is much more likely that the centipedes will find their way into your home.


Pesticides and Boric Acid won’t get rid of them entirely. The reason is that once the pesticide or the Boric Acid wears off, if you haven’t made your home inhospitable to them the will come right back.


Centipedes are predators. That’s right they eat the other bugs in your home. So reducing or eliminating other pest infections will remove their food source and help get them out of your house.