Do House Centipedes Bite?

Do house centipedes bite? Absolutely they do. Now house centipedes are not likely to attack you when you’re looking, but countless cases of centipedes biting their victims during the night when the individual is sleeping have been reported.

While house centipede bites are not toxic in nature (at least not enough to kill you), they can certainly hurt. And while the pain is bad enough, the thought of one of those creepy, disgusting monsters actually touching you and sinking it’s weird little teeth into your flesh is enough to send a chill up even the toughest guy’s spine.

By nature, centipedes are carnivores. They love to eat flesh. A house centipede’s diet consists primarily of larva, bugs, and spiders. I have seen their larger, tropical counterparts devour terantulas, mice, and even snakes!

So while house centipedes bite and it’s not considered life-threatening (but can certainly hurt like an s.o.b.), there is certainly no comfort in knowing that your attacker is a blood thirsty freak!

What Does a House Centipede Bite Feel Like?

There have been cases where an individual has endured a house centipede bite and they claimed it felt like a bad spider bite… it itched, it burned, and it got swollen.

But there have been other situations where the house centipede bite was said to have been absolutely agonizing. In fact, I have seen all sorts of images (the most extreme image I’ve personally seen is shown below – viewer discretion advised) of house centipede bite victims, in which there is quite a variety of severety.

In fact, some people have lost their skin and fallen prey to insanely nasty infection as the result of a house centipede bite! So while it’s not generally considered life-threatening, the outcome could potentially be disasterous in its own right.

A house centipede bite can also vary in seriousness by location. Typically, folks in North America have less to worry about than do indivuals living in places like Indonesia and Africa, where the cenitpedes can very easily KILL you! But pain is pain, and infection is infection. So a house centipede bite should never be taken lightly, no matter where you reside.